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Pisces Monthly Horoscope {Monthly Horoscopes } A horoscope guide to the The first half of January, February and March, are very good for your budget.

The movie was a hit movie of Harihar Adhikari stated that he did not write the script of the movie but recorded an audio script of the movie. He also stated that he had checked the shooting date and release date of the movie. Harihar Adhikari stated that he had also received an offer to work in Nepali film industry but rejected because he was more career focused on astrology.

Although being young, Harihar is not unknown. In a question about why he suggested Rajesh Hamal to postpond his marriage, Harihar told that there is an acute chance of the marriage not lasting long if Rajesh Hamal married now.

के कारणले सपनामा सर्प आउछ ? - MARGA DARSHAN - HARIHAR ADHIKARI

Harihar added, when he rightly told about the accident that Rajesh Hamal met when he was year-old. Harirar is doing his bachelor degree in science and he tells that his predictions are based on research and numerical validation. Scientists says that not to believe in astrology,they their predection is almost fake and false,but astrologers says that we are knowing solar and moon eclips from millions of years ago. And that time this was the science and this is a science now also. And the matter fact is that scientist also predect the same day as astrologers say about the ecllips. So astrologers says that both science and astrology are true.

Prince September 16, at AM. Anonymous March 25, at PM.

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Unknown October 5, at AM. Shobin Lamichhane July 23, at AM. Sony Shrestha August 3, at PM. Rajen Subedi August 5, at PM. Raazu Giri August 17, at PM. Adarsha Shrestha October 7, at AM.

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Suman Tiwari September 23, at AM. Rashu Thapa October 12, at AM. Anonymous October 22, at AM. Unknown October 26, at AM. Ujjwal Manandhar October 28, at PM. Rabi Satyal October 29, at AM. Pravat khatry October 29, at AM. Pradip Kattel October 29, at AM. Unknown October 30, at AM. Unknown November 1, at AM. Sandeep Baral November 7, at AM. Raghbendra Shrestha November 15, at AM. Pradip Karki November 16, at PM.