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Pisces Monthly Horoscope {Monthly Horoscopes } A horoscope guide to the The first half of January, February and March, are very good for your budget.

Axial Precession and its Affects on Astrology

We are all made of stars, so we can channel the mythology of any of the constellations and planets we want. In fact, Refinery29 even asked us to give some beauty tips based on the spirit of Ophiuchus.

More reading about the myth of the new star sign and Ophiucus:

Tropical, Sidereal and Constellational Zodiacs. Susan Miller Debunks the New Zodiac. Get the Horoscope Guide! Did My Star Sign Change? The constellations have shifted.

Have the Zodiac and star signs changed?

The zodiac sign dates have not. Western astrology is based on the seasons, NOT the constellations. Bottom line: The signs and the constellations are two entirely different things. The zodiac signs are named after the constellations, but not tied to them.

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Bottom line: The zodiac signs and the constellations are two entirely different things. Ophiuchus has been around for over 3, years.

Ophiuchus is only one of 88 constellations! You may also like. They will keep the secrets that others tell them locked down tight and will never tell anyone else unless are they are given permission and allowed to. However, if they find you to be manipulative, rude, or somehow hostile towards others, then they will spill your secrets to others as a form of payback.

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  8. Aquarians and Aquarius represents the Aqe of Aquarius: the uplifting and peaceful transformation of yet possibly political and social upheaval and chaos to break down opression, repression, and supression of current day and outdated authority and regulations; the end result would be to replace those with new systems of order and beliefs for all humanity to equally live in peace and prosperity in futuristic and utopian togetherness with the idealistic unity of the masses. Aquarius, or the Water Bearer, is the 11th sign of the zodiac. People born under this sign are known for being intelligent, innovative, and honest, but on the negative side being unemotional, rebellious, and unpredictable.

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    5. The 12 Sign Tropical Zodiac has remained unchanged for two thousand years!.
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    7. Aquarius is also frequented as having the shortest duration out of all the Zodiac Signs due to its location in mid Winter and its relatively short length ranging from January 21 to February 17 as its shortest timeframe, to throughout January 20 to February 18 as its longest timeframe. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.