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Pisces Monthly Horoscope {Monthly Horoscopes } A horoscope guide to the The first half of January, February and March, are very good for your budget.

In this way, many people who cannot explain their own or other actions can justify it with the Zodiac signs. Sometimes we think and believe that everything is ahead of schedule, that nothing happens by chance, and that there is a reason for everything.

If we carefully examine our sign or birth date, and all the characteristics, we will be able to get to know them better, understand, and some can find a reason to forgive. Here we encounter a person who is born on the last day of Capricorn rule some say that it is the January 19th, others that it is January 20th , and just in time for the Aquarius rule to start, so we can conclude that this person has the characteristics of both signs, both good and bad.

In a way, these people have somewhat tactical and conservative nature, but with slightly extravagant touch to it, thanks to the influence of the Aquarius a sign of moody and original humans. But surprisingly, we encounter a person who is more stable than expected; he is the one that has a character of a newly-discovered and new-born ruler. These people are not scared of anything, and they are less likely to change themselves if there is something new and better — a person of the January 19th are strict in a way.

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These people are considered to be the revolutionary individuals who can demolish and change obsolete systems and norms, whether it is about outdated attitudes and principles. What a fantastic trait that can lead these people to some leadership position in the society. They are tireless, without any problems, to endure insults, pressures, disappointments and coercion. The truth is that they, like tired, smiling, extrovert, waste their energy around, but they never turn one centimeter away from their path. The disadvantage of this birth date is their pronounced tenderness that is sometimes manifested, and their environment cannot deal with it.

This aspect is responsible for the fact that these people are misunderstood in their environment, even by their families and friends. These people who celebrate their birthdays on the 19th day of January because they are under the influence of both signs are average looking people, but they genuinely have something unusual in their looks — it is attractive for potential lovers. They represent people who are partners in love relationship on which you can rely on; they are excellent parents, reliable, protective, and stable.

One of the disadvantages of the people who are born on the January 19th is that before they enter into a love relationship, they have to fix all those things in their professional and social lives. So, the first place is a job, on another family, and on the third lovers. They are partners who know how to show respect to their partners, but also fight for equality among partners; they believe that both partners are equally important and that they have their role.

How reliable are people whose birthday is on the January 19th?

January 19 Zodiac Sign

One opposes the other here only to search for the golden middle, pointing to the main task January 19th born need to resolve. An interesting thing comes to sight when you combine this obvious Neptunian symbolism with the fact that it is the Sabian symbol for the 28th degree of Capricorn, the exact spot where Mars is exalted. This connection speaks of a powerful combination of feminine and masculine energies carried in this date, and it will inevitably speak of important, idealistic relationships a person will have with others, trying to balance out two strong and equal principles within.

The symbol itself speaks of clairvoyance and the belief in oneself a person would need to develop their ability to see the future, believe in the images that come, and know how to analyze their dreams. It is an obvious message of the future summoning them to lead the way, wherever it might take our entire humanity.

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The purpose in lives of these individuals is much less focused on their Self, and much more on their shared life with other people. Those who become truly successful and make significant changes to the world always have a story of a powerful partnership, marriage, or a relationship with God, that completes them and makes them reflect on ways to unite their own conflicts and oppositions within.

Starting from a point of personal recognition, they seek love and togetherness in this lifetime, and they will feel complete only when they find a way to coexist with a person of different character. Number nine in the middle of their story makes people born on the 19th of January idealists who are in a way always distant from earthly perspectives. They will idealize their partners and those they fall in love with, out of a strong need to keep their distance.

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There is just enough initiative in the approach of those born on this date, and determination to take the necessary steps to find emotional fulfillment. There is rarely much peace in those born on January 19th, for their inner drive pushes them far and makes them chase for dreams throughout this entire lifetime. They will sometimes be rebels and riot starters, and more often become managers, directors, and leaders of sorts, always ready to implement new things into their manifestation of visions they had last night.

Still, their greatest talent is found in the frailty of interpersonal relationships and contact between people different in their core. In search for peace and the feeling of belonging, people born on this date often stumble upon opportunities to start a family business, a shared venture and a partnership, and they will truly excel in sharing, as soon as their ego is made healthy. You may, however, have to guard against tendencies to be too impatient or headstrong. Luckily, this same dogged determination is what helps you overcome difficulties and gives you the strength to perform outstanding achievements.

From the age of two to thirty-one, when your progressed Sun moves through Aquarius, you have a growing desire to be independent as well as a heightened interest in friendship or group awareness. You may need to express your own unique ideas or be experimental. After the age of thirty-two, when your progressed Sun moves into Pisces, your emotional sensitivity becomes refined and you develop a stronger sense of vision. This may encourage you to seek idealistic or spiritual goals. At the age of sixty-two there is a turning point as your progressed Sun enters Aries, emphasizing a desire for new beginnings or active self-assertiveness.

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By having an astrological chart calculated, you can find the exact position of the planets on your date of birth. This will tell you which of the fixed stars listed in this book are relevant to you. Proud and alert, you value the wisdom learned from practical experience and hard work rather than just theory.

The secret power here is self-mastery, which can provide deeper satisfaction than mere material gain. By trusting your intuitive insight and developing your willpower, you can become an authority in your field of experience. One of the possible hindrances to your achievement is a tendency to be too cynical, cold, or doubting.

Inner faith, therefore, is an important part of your confidence, as it encourages you to be more daring and spontaneous.

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Your competitive spirit and enthusiasm, when channeled positively, can inspire you to accumulate wealth and gain knowledge. Ambitious and competitive, you want to be in a position of power, where you can use your influence.

In business, you usually want to take on responsibilities and work hard in order to rise to the executive and managerial level. An excellent organizer or supervisor, you are efficient and able to pay attention to detail. As you often do not like to be told what to do, you may choose to be self-employed, working as an expert, consultant, or advisor. You may be interested in law, public service, or large organizations.